The Process of Selling Art to a Gallery

Selling your special artwork to a gallery is personal, yet magnificent for all to see. This is what you want. Decisions to place certain pieces of art in a particular gallery depend on the gallery. The theme of the organizers is what helps your art sell. There are a few steps which will help you sell your work.

First, call to set up an appointment, or visit an art gallery where you believe your work will fit in with their theme. Ask yourself what you are trying to say with your craft. Each place has their own tastes and flavor. Be familiar with the art gallery you visit or correspond.

An art degree helps you speak the language of the art world. Although this is not required, it helps. A degree in art history or the fine arts introduce you to artists and artistic words. Words such as theme, approach and setting have layered meanings.

When you meet with a curator, show excitement and confidence about your art work. What would make the curator interested in your style? If you can answer that question, you are more open honest and objective with yourself and the curator. Demonstrate how your art differs from other artists’ works.

Go to openings and meetings. This exposes you to people in the art world. You will become familiar with various galleries, and learn where you fit in with each one. Make a list of the people you meet, and the theme of this person’s gallery. Understand how the art market works. Understand what is moving or selling in the market. Notice what people are buying. You don’t have to compromise your artistic integrity, but you can add or subtract some subtleties.

Next, send an inquiry letter to galleries. Beware, do not pay entry fees for grants, or interviews granted by curators. Hard work, determination and drive pay off. Curators do keep letters of interest. Once your name is heard enough, or once your work is seen often, someone will call.

Finally, once you sign with a gallery, pay attention to the membership fees for that particular gallery. Use your business acumen when it comes to your finances. More than ever enjoy the praise and enjoyment of demonstrating your abilities and artistic gift with others

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