Example of Art Pieces Entertainer Have Bought

In a world filled with video games, television shows, and fashion, beautiful art is not treasured as it once use to be in the past by most of the world’s population; this does not hold true for entertainers. Most performers (actresses, singers, dancers, etc.) have a rare, respect for the arts. Many successful entertainers have bought art from artists all over the world. Here are examples of art pieces that entertainers have bought:

Leonardo Dicaprio and Oscar Murillo- Leo is considered to be one of the most bankable movie stars to date. He is known for being a partier and ladies man, but he also has a knack for the creative arts. In 2013, Leonardo purchased a piece of art by Columbian artist, Oscar Murillo for over $400,000!

The art piece called, “Untitled”, was purchased by Leo from a gallery auction. After Dicaprio’s purchase, Murillo’s stock went up, as he started to sell several pieces that cost up to $250,000.

Jay Z/Beyoncé and Hebru Brantley- Jay Z and Beyoncé are well-known singers/entertainers. In 2012 at the, Art Basel Miami Beach Fair, Jay z and Beyoncé picked up a tab of $20,000 for a piece of art called, “Everybody’s Scared”. The artist, Hebru Brantley, posted on his Instagram a photo of the art delivery to the new owners. Jay Z also purchased another piece of work by, Shepard Fairey, for over $100,000.

Victora/David Beckham and Damien Hirst- Soccer star David Beckham and his wife, Victoria bought an art piece from, Damien Hirst this past January. According to, “Hello Magazine”, the piece was given to their daughter and cost over $600,000.

David Geffen and James Pollock – Considered to be one of the biggest music moguls of our day, David Geffen, is an art buyer and collector. He has bought and sold pieces from Jackson Pollock for over $140,000. The name of the art was called, ‘5,1948’. This is considered the highest sum paid for a painting in history!

Bill Gates and Grand Banks- Bill Gates has a painting he purchased for his home in 1998 that cost an estimated $36 million. The painting, Lost on the Grand Banks (1898) was created by artist,Grand Blanks. Gates obtained rights to the lovely art by way of a private transaction. Other popular paintings that Gates has purchased include: ‘The Room of Flowers’ for $20 million and, ‘Polo Crowd’ for $27.5 million.

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