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Camana Bay: The Ultimate Spring Break Vacation Spot

Thinking of what to do in the Cayman Islands? Think no further than Camana Bay–a lively waterfront community situated on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands. It’s spread out over 500 acres and is just a short walk from Seven Mile Beach. With the vast amount of things to do and see, there’s something for everyone, which is why it’s the perfect place to spend spring break!

Camana Bay Town Centre
A continuous bustling of activities and family-friendly entertainment can always be found in the heart of Camana Bay. Shop at world-class boutiques and dine at fine cafes. There is an abundance of regular and annual events that take place in the town, not to mention the unique attractions, lush outdoor spaces, and various local happenings.

Things to Do and See in Camana Bay
● Climb the 75-foot Observation Tower for a breathtaking view, and enjoy the gorgeous underwater mosaics as you go up the steps.

● Shop the boutiques for genuine Camana Bay souvenirs made by the town locals.

● Ride a bike or walk along Camana Way while reconnecting with nature. This 30-foot wide boulevard begins near Seven Mile Beach and is lined with over 100 species of indigenous plants.

● Watch a movie at Grand Cayman’s only cinema. Afterwards, listen to live music as you dance the night away under the stars.

● Shop for and sample homegrown fruit and vegetables at the Farmers’ and Artisans Market. Caymanian art traditions and cultural demonstrations can also be found here.

● View the fountains at The Crescent where dancing water spouts are absolutely mesmerizing.

Camana Bay Activities for Young Children
● Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Imagination Playground offers giant foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabric and crates that allow kids to create their own individual play experience.

● Books & Books presents Story Time every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Babies and toddlers will enjoy colorful picture books, singing and dancing on Wednesdays, while kids ages four to seven can express their creativity making crafts on Saturdays.

● Located in Jasmine Court, the Interactive Fountains keep toddlers amused for hours as they run in the spurts of colorful water.

If a simple, relaxing spring break is your family’s jam, Camana Bay is for you as well. Grab a picnic lunch from one of the cafes and kickback on the waterfront lawns to watch the boats sail by. It’s easy to see why this town is one of the best holiday getaways. Without a doubt, Camana Bay is the ideal spring break destination.

New Malls Reaching New Heights

Westfield Corporation is reaching new heights with the new Lowy family leadership and the new mall openings including the recent World Trade Center Mall opening. After nearly fifteen years, the mall is reopening after the devastating 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil. The mall is owned by Port Authority but Westfield Corporation is responsible for all of the stores and retail operations.

On August 16th, people came out in record numbers to take a look at the new World Trade Center Mall, located in lower Manhattan and to start shopping. The mall boasts a 280-foot digital billboard, a performance area in the middle of the store (where one of the stars of Hamilton, Leslie Odom Jr., performed for the public, and more than 60 stores. Store options for busy shoppers include Apple, Aldo, Cole Haan, Dior, Eataly, Kiko Milano, and Tumi. The World Trade Center Mall is also expected to grow in popularity as it is considered a transit hub and people will find themselves browsing or stopping for a bite to eat as they go about their busy day.

Other new Westfield Corporation projects include the redevelopment of Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA and the luxurious Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, CA. Westfield Century City’s transformation involved remodeling the entire three-story Bloomingdale’s and he addition of an Eataly as well as a Macy’s. The store will also include new retail space for more dining options and exciting new retail brands. The total square footage will total 1.2 million square feet.

Westfield Valley Fair is slated to end in 2019 and will feature a 150,000 square foot Bloomingdale’s department store along with Nordstrom, Macy’s, a dining district with outdoor lounge and promenade seating options, exciting events open to the public, and several dozen specialty stores.

The success of Westfield Corporation as well as the company’s latest improvements can be attributed to the Lowy family. In May 2016, Frank Lowly who co-founded the Westfield Group, stepped down from his role as chairman of Scentre. This move will give Lowy more time to focus on the Westfield Group. Furthermore, the Lowy family put $177.3 million dollars into the Westfield Corporation in order to ensure that the company could not be taken over by outsiders. The running of Westfield Corporation and the Westfield Group is a family affair with Frank Lowy’s son Peter Lowy, also a co-chief executive of Westfield in addition to being a direct beneficial holder. Several grandchildren are also working in various positions within the company. This dedication to the company has allowed it to continue to grow. Westfield Corporation is anticipating clearing approximately $1 billion each year in sales from their World Trade Center Mall alone.

Bucket Listed: 10 Places to Visit While in Miami’s Design District

Everyone knows that Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. But did you know, it is also home to some of the most fabulous shopping you will find on earth. If you have a keen eye for design, want to people watch for celebrities, or just want a pair of Louboutin’s that you can admire in your closet then this is the list for you.


01. Chrome Hearts
Chrome Hearts is a leather, furniture, and accessories store. It houses original designs with a contemporary flare. Each piece in the store is a handpicked design that was made exclusively for Chrome Hearts and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Psst. Kate Hudson was spotted at a party inside.

02. Christian Louboutin
Because every girl needs a pair of red soles right? Pro tip: There’s also a men’s store with an array of red soled men’s fashions as well.

03. Tiffany and Co.
Channel your inner Audrey and window shop unless you have a ton of cash to spend. If so this is the place to own your own piece of heaven. They will even package it up in a signature pastel blue box.

04. Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink
Want to dine near Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Anniston or Craig Robins? Michael’s is a celebrity spotting and dining haven.

05. Ella
Ella is only around during spring and summer, but it is the place to go for fresh-baked breakfast treats. Grab a croissant and go over to Tiffany and Co. to kill 2 birds with one trip.

06. Crumb on Parchment
There are not many bakeries that make me say “Try the turkey chili”. But this is one where you definitely don’t want to miss it.

07. Maman Fine Art
Maman is a beautiful space to see modern and contemporary art. Weekends are by appointment only, so plan ahead.

08. Swampspace
This is a great venue for performance art. You are sure to see something you never expected here.

09. Tom Ford
This is where you can find decadence in the form of Menswear. The lighting alone will stop you from walking out the door. It’s also rumored to be a favorite pop-up spot for Kim and Kanye.

10. Versace
Another shopping venue that screams opulence. While the ladies are clamoring for their handbags, I suggest perusing the watches. Timepieces that are crafted that beautifully deserve and lingering look.

Artisanal Chocolate Has a Strong Foothold in Los Angeles

There has been a lot of buzz of late about the artisanal chocolate movement. In the last decade alone the number of bean-to-bar chocolate makers has grown tenfold with a large number of them setting up shop in the Great Los Angeles area.

What Exactly is Bean-to-Bar?
The first thing one needs to know about bean-to-bar is that it is more than a process, it is also a philosophy. Like craft beer, the driving force behind the bean-to-bar movement is the passion of the chocolate maker. As a process, it takes chocolate making back to its roots, using only a few hand selected ingredients and all is made under one roof. The result, some of the most refined and unique flavor profiles imaginable each delivered in a hand crafted piece of chocolate.

LA’s Finest
While you can order and then enjoy ChocoVivo chocolates from the privacy of your own home, if you happen to be in the Culver City area and are a true chocolate aficionado, you won’t be able to pass on the opportunity to visit their chocolate factory. Believed to be the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the LA area, what you will experience at ChocoVivo’s is chocolate made in the tradition of the Mayans and Aztecs of 2000 years ago.

A rising star in the artisanal chocolate movement is LetterePress Chocolate but you won’t find a brick and mortar storefront for them just yet. Made by a husband and wife team, in a converted section of their apartment, theirs has been some of the best bean-to-bar artisan chocolates to hit the streets of Los Angeles. They consider themselves a “small batch” craft chocolate makers, producing about 60 bars per day, which are distributed to over a dozen Los Angeles locations. Their chocolate can also be purchase through their website.

The Mast Brothers are one of the latest to bring their to artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate making craft to Los Angeles with their new factory on South Santa Fe Avenue. Their new location is well worth visiting, not just to enjoy the great flavors of their craft chocolates, but also to experience the unique architecture of their chocolate factory. Sheep’s milk, almond butter and sea salt are just a sample of over a dozen flavor profiles they offer to their patrons and can also be purchase through their website.

And this is only a small sampling of what the bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate movement has brought to Los Angeles.

Florida’s Top Fashion Spots

When visiting Miami for some, the best part about the whole trip is going shopping. Many of the biggest fashionistas go to Miami to shop because they have some of the greatest places to shop in the world. There are many different shops that you can go to in Miami. The top three that come to mind are Aventura Mall, Bal Harbour Shops, and Dadeland Mall.

Aventura Mall is by far the best place to shop while in Miami. Run by Turnberry Associates’ Jackie Soffer, Aventura Mall offers luxury shopping at its finest. Some stores you can find in Aventura Mall are Nordstrom, Bebe Sport, Bloomingdales, and 7 for All Mankind. Of course, there are many other stores, but these are some of the most visited stores in the mall. Along with a wide variety of retail options there are also quite a few restaurants you can sit to dine at. However, if you would rather grab some quick food to go there is also a food court in the mall.

When going to dine in the Aventura mall you have many options to go food you could go to the food court and get food from Five Guys Burgers and many other choose from. Just a couple are The Grill on the Alley and The Cheesecake Factory. As for the quick grab and places. If you are a fashionista who enjoys going on a shopping spree the Aventura mall is the perfect place for you.

The second best place to shop while in Miami is Bal Harbour shops. Bal Harbour Shops has many different shops to go to when you want to shop. With such a wide array of different shops you will be able to find everything you need and more. Some stores include Chanel and Gucci but these are just 2 of the many stores there. Along with stores there are restaurants in the Bal Harbour Shops. One of the restaurants is called Carpaccio which serves Italian food.

The final best place to shop in Miami is Dadeland Mall Dadeland Mall is known for not only how big it is but also the stores that are in it. Some stores in Dadeland Mall are Sephora, Apple, and Nordstrom. Dadeland Mall has also been used in a couple of Hollywood films.

So if you are a fashionista who needs to get a shopping fix don’t hesitate to go shopping at any of the three mentioned places because not only will you get your fix of shopping but you will also find very fashionable clothes to meet your Fashionista personality.