Bucket Listed: 10 Places to Visit While in Miami’s Design District

Everyone knows that Miami is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. But did you know, it is also home to some of the most fabulous shopping you will find on earth. If you have a keen eye for design, want to people watch for celebrities, or just want a pair of Louboutin’s that you can admire in your closet then this is the list for you.


01. Chrome Hearts
Chrome Hearts is a leather, furniture, and accessories store. It houses original designs with a contemporary flare. Each piece in the store is a handpicked design that was made exclusively for Chrome Hearts and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Psst. Kate Hudson was spotted at a party inside.

02. Christian Louboutin
Because every girl needs a pair of red soles right? Pro tip: There’s also a men’s store with an array of red soled men’s fashions as well.

03. Tiffany and Co.
Channel your inner Audrey and window shop unless you have a ton of cash to spend. If so this is the place to own your own piece of heaven. They will even package it up in a signature pastel blue box.

04. Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink
Want to dine near Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Anniston or Craig Robins? Michael’s is a celebrity spotting and dining haven.

05. Ella
Ella is only around during spring and summer, but it is the place to go for fresh-baked breakfast treats. Grab a croissant and go over to Tiffany and Co. to kill 2 birds with one trip.

06. Crumb on Parchment
There are not many bakeries that make me say “Try the turkey chili”. But this is one where you definitely don’t want to miss it.

07. Maman Fine Art
Maman is a beautiful space to see modern and contemporary art. Weekends are by appointment only, so plan ahead.

08. Swampspace
This is a great venue for performance art. You are sure to see something you never expected here.

09. Tom Ford
This is where you can find decadence in the form of Menswear. The lighting alone will stop you from walking out the door. It’s also rumored to be a favorite pop-up spot for Kim and Kanye.

10. Versace
Another shopping venue that screams opulence. While the ladies are clamoring for their handbags, I suggest perusing the watches. Timepieces that are crafted that beautifully deserve and lingering look.

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